Discord Vore Alliance
Discord Vore Alliance
The best servers in the community!
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Why Discord?

Discord is a widely used application by a vast array of different communities, and we're no different!

Many vore-oriented communities have joined together to create safe and enjoyable servers under what has become known as the Discord Vore Alliance, or DVA for short. No matter your tastes, you're likely to find a server that suits you!

Server List

Temple of Ass

A place to give worship to a glorious ass before offering yourself up

The Milky Mountains

A server for Breast Vore, Expansion, TF, and sentient fat; images, discussion, and roleplay!

The Waking Phallus

Cock Vore/Cock Transformation based community for chat, content sharing, and roleplay!

JohnPablo/Pan’s Writing Pit

A vore and kink-based writing and art sharing community.

Groovy Food Pantry

A server for socializing and art share. Let’s have fun!

The Dragon’s Maw

A furry / scalie focused Discord vore community!

Work To Feed

A server that provides content creators a platform to advertise their works.

Vore and Cuddles

A server for those that love vore and some cuddling on the side!

Ink and Quill

Vore server with a focus on sharing your written works!

Vore Lovers

The largest vore group on Steam now has its own Discord server!
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The official server of Simple Starbound Vore Mod (SSVM)
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A Discord server for lovers of Pokemon, and the devouring of them.

Vore Chats

A nice place for those who hang out in the vore threads of 4chan and 8chan.

Take a look at our servers and see which ones are best suited to you.
Join them and spread the word to your tasty friends!

Join the ranks!

If you're an admin of a public Discord server in the vore community, we want you!

Chat with us below, and we'll get in touch with you quickly.

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